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Origin of the Fund
Eric's determination and perseverance during his cancer journey inspired a friend and admirer of his to donate $50,000 to found The Eric Metz 'Win This Battle!' Fund at Riley Children's Foundation. His donation came with two conditions: that the fund be named in Eric's honor and that Eric be designated as the one to determine how the fund was to be used. Eric announced that he did not want the initial $50,000 to be spent immediately. Rather, he wanted to raise additional funds to create an endowment. The funds would be invested by the Foundation and the annual income would be used to provide support for the Oncology Unit at Riley Hospital. Eric immediately set out to raise more funds and within the first three weeks he had raised an additional $70,000 in contributions, $25,000 in pledges, and the donation of the 1955 Bel Air Wagon to be auctioned at the Kruse International Auction coming up that next Labor Day. Many dedicated volunteers and generous donors came together to raise more than $200,000.00 for the Fund in the first six months from its inception.

The Fund is now endowed, which means it will continue in perpetuity to provide support for future pediatric oncology patients and their families at Riley Hospital for Children.

Eric intends to continue fundraising efforts in the future and to be a lifelong contributor himself to the Fund. He believes that this endeavor is one way in which he can fulfill his "obligation of the cured," as Lance Armstrong described it in his book It's Not About the Bike.
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Fulfilling Eric's 'Obligation of the cured.'
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God has blessed this effort! He has inspired hundreds of people to volunteer their time and donate their treasure to help the RileyKids.

This Fund was created in June, 2008. As of April 30, 2010, the Fund has raised:


Thank you all for your support!

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For Info on the Monumental Marathon event
Eric is going to run 13.1 miles in the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis on November 6, 2010, to raise money for the RileyKids!

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